The E-Textbook Bending Music is intended to provide musicians and
non-musicians with a deeper insight into the musical process, and enable them to experience
performances more profoundly and more intimately.


The book, which is based upon a holistic approach, is designed to be used as an
auxiliary text in the following courses:


  • Music Appreciation, Introduction to Music
  • Music Theory, Comprehensive Musicianship
  • Performance Practices, Style & Analysis     
  • World Music, Ethnomusicology
  • Music & Computers, Music Technology


To view the Table of Contents please click the following link:

Bending Music: Table of Contents


The entire list of Streaming Spectrograms is included in the E-Textbook.


Repertoire includes electronic music, opera arias, jazz, blues, Sufi, ragas, religious
chants, chamber ensemble and orchestral works. Solo compositions feature transverse
and natural flutes, santour, sitar, and indigenous percussion along with various Western
instruments and vocalists.


Performances are drawn from around the globe. Examples from Japan, Egypt,
Saudi Arabia, India, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Bangladesh, the United States
and South America are included, and each recording is accompanied by its own custom-
designed Streaming Spectrogram.


For a complete list of  spectrograms Please click the following link:

List of Streaming Spectrograms

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